You could say that

Yes, it was bit cooler than that across northern Scotland Chris, in fact it dropped down to just 0.3°C at Altnaharra with a ground frost there and Aboyne. Because Meteogroup persist in the BBC tradition of …

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How well did the BBC do?

Just a quick look back at the forecast from the BBC and Meteogroup to see how they did forecasting yesterday’s maximum and the overnight minimum temperatures. The early presenter yesterday was Louise Lear who was convinced …

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Another one they missed

Quite a large thunderstorm and cumulonimbus cloud developed close to the coast of northern France at around 15 UTC this afternoon, you can see the anvil clearly in the 1645 UTC visible satellite image, along with …

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I do not believe it!

Not a single traffic cam on either the A57 or A628. Unfortunately Highways England only seem interested in traffic on Motorway and no other type of road.

Does Chris Fawkes ever look at obs in Scotland?

I get the feeling that this particular forecast is taped much earlier in the evening, and is certainly not helpful to any motorist attempting to use the A9 tonight who is watching it.

Stav’s frost-free winter

I can’t believe that the presenters come up with each idea themselves and that there isn’t someone locked in a room back at Meteogroup headquarters furiously racking his brain for pertinent weather and climate stories he can add to his list.

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