Frost for the north?

I would have thought that there was a good chance of a sharp frost tonight across inland parts of Scotland, although the ICON model doesn’t seem to be going for one, it certainly feels crisp and …

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Scots hot spots

Scottish hot spots pepper the top twenty at 13 UTC today with Aviemore reporting 26.4°C. This probably happens more often than you would think, but I thought I would capture it in a blog anyway just …

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X marks the spot

A week of sunny skies with just a bit of cirrus yesterday to spoil it, and far from over yet. It’s never been particularly warm, but pleasant and much better for working and cycling in. Crystal …

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Maximum sun

Six stations across the north of Scotland reported what I believe was maximum sunshine for the 18th of April this mornings 06 UTC SYNOPs. Some sunshine recorders are not in the optimum location to catch the …

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