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August rainfall since 1766

It almost seems that at least where rainfall is concerned, August has become a well behaved kind of month in recent years.

The curate’s egg

Remarkably none of the torrential rain across northeast Scotland was thundery in nature, despite there being a yellow warning in force for thunderstorms.

Wet Junes

Is June the 2019 the wettest on record? If not what June was wettest?

Wet in northeast Scotland

Inland areas of Grampian and the Moray coast seem to have collected a disproportionate amount of rain during the last week. Both Kinloss and Lossiemouth are reporting weekly totals well over 40 mm, whilst Tain just a few miles to the northwest and the other side of the firth, have received little more than 10 mm. It’s hard to put all this down to the rain shadow effect of the northwest highlands because rainfall totals from Wick and Altnaharra with little shelter are also much lower than further south. The gauge on the river Findhorn shows just how water levels...

This year’s UK extremes so far

Here are this year’s extremes for air temperature, sunshine and rainfall I’ve extracted from the SYNOP data that I download courtesy of the OGIMET site. I forgot I had written this application so this post is as much as a reminder to me to use it every now and again! I could bemoan the fact that the Met Office refuse to release all the climate station data they have, which is why the sunshine coverage is sparser than it need be, but in the spirit of the new look xmetman website I’m just going to thank them for releasing what...