Unstable Europe

The cumulonimbus anvils are starting to build across mainland Europe this afternoon.

This evenings thunderstorms

A terrific collection of cumulonimbus clouds scattered across the continent and edging N’NW into blighty at the moment.

High speed stratus

A lovely day at last in Easter Ross for a change, after what were three dull, humid and overcast days. Even late this afternoon there were the first signs of high speed stratus on the horizon …

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Low Juliane from above

A very dramatic view of low Juliane from above this afternoon with some big CBs across eastern England and some lovely multi-cellular cloud streaming down from the northwest close to Ireland. I would like to have …

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Finally a blue sky day

Blue skies haven’t seemed to have lasted for very long in the north of Scotland this spring, there always seems to be a unending queue of frontal systems waiting in the wings invading the sky often …

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Low Gudrun

So the UKMO finally issue a yellow warning for strong wind for Friday, but they reckon that gusts of 50 to 60 mph will only affect Northern Ireland and nowhere else? Obviously they know more than …

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See the cold front

It’s not that often that you can trace the cold front in both the weather radar and satellite images as well as in the plotted observations so clearly, but you can with today’s that’s currently close …

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Sparkling day

It’s a sparkling day across most of the country with blue skies and strong spring sunshine, except that is for the northern Isles and western Cornwall.

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