Far too pessimistic a forecast for Saturday across Scotland

Nick Miller was far too pessimistic in his forecast for this weekend on Friday evening. Saturday, especially across parts of the west coast and Highlands has proved to be another dry, bright day with sunny spells.

The Folgefonna glaciers

That is not a bit of cloud that my yellow arrow is pointing to in southern Norway in the image above, that’s the Folgefonna glaciers. I noticed it in today’s visible satellite image, even though I …

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Hurricane Delta

Will Delta make a right turn? The 2020 North Atlantic tropical cyclone has sprung back into life after a quite spell with a couple of new tropical storms. One of these, tropical cyclone Delta has been …

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Medicane Ianos

The medicane/cyclone which I have watching for the last couple of days has now been given the name of Ianos by somebody or other and has moved a little faster in the last 24 hours than …

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Medicane in the Med?

There are reports that a low to the southeast of Sicily in the Mediterranean sea may evolve into a ‘medicane’ as it tracks northeast towards Greece towards the weekend. At the moment there was only a …

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Top of the shop

Rather fittingly for the first day of meteorological autumn a number of nearby stations across the north of Scotland are in the top ten warmest places on what is rather a pleasant afternoon.

Haar, haar, haar

For the last three days the haar that’s been adffecting the east coast of England and Scotland has been stubborn to clear. Here in easter Ross it took till almost tea time yesterday before it finally …

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Unstable Europe

The cumulonimbus anvils are starting to build across mainland Europe this afternoon.

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