September sunshine

Poor old Zeebrugge – at least there’s somewhere duller than the northwest of Scotland *Note to programmer chappie to fix that ASAP

June 2020 – sunshine

A pretty dull and uninspiring June across inland parts as far as sunshine was concerned, although it was much sunnier generally across the south and around the coastal fringes. Some missing values or a dodgy sensor …

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Sunny day in Lerwick

Despite a cloudy evening Lerwick still managed 14.6 hours of sunshine yesterday (15th of June) to be the sunniest place in IONA. Sunrise is at 0238 UTC and sunset 2132 UTC so there is almost 19 …

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300 hours up

Four stations have now recorded over 300 hours of sunshine so far in May 2020 across IONA, with another one on the cards for today. Still on top is Hurn with 310.1 hours up until yesterday. …

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April 2020 Sunshine

We already know that April 2020 was the sunniest in the UK since 1929 thanks to the Met Office, but here are the totals from the SYNOP observations I have collated. It will be interesting to …

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A memorable April

The end of a quite spectacular sunny seven days in April, with today and maybe tomorrow to come, across much of the country. The northeast of Scotland saw another widespread frost inland, moderate in places like …

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Maximum sun

Six stations across the north of Scotland reported what I believe was maximum sunshine for the 18th of April this mornings 06 UTC SYNOPs. Some sunshine recorders are not in the optimum location to catch the …

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