Another cold day

Another cold day for July across large parts of IONA, particularly in the wind and rain across the north and west. Summer, or should I say those few days warm days that we saw last week …

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You could say that

Yes, it was bit cooler than that across northern Scotland Chris, in fact it dropped down to just 0.3°C at Altnaharra with a ground frost there and Aboyne. Because Meteogroup persist in the BBC tradition of …

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Cold May in Australia

I completely missed that Australia saw their coldest May nationally since 2011. Here’s what their Bureau of Meteorology had to say about it:- Australia in May 2020 In brief Nationally, May was cooler than average for …

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A cold day for June

Maximum temperatures were over 9°C lower than yesterdays across the north and maximum temperature anomalies were generally between -2°C and -6°C below the LTA for the day, this combined with the wind and rain in the …

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Goodbye heatwave

Some places across the UK scraped four days out of this short lived ‘heatwave’ while many others never quite made it.

Heatwave count

Here is the latest count (up until yesterday) of consecutive days that have reached the heatwave threshold as outlined by the UKMO. There’s absolutely no doubt that heatwave conditions will continue today, as temperatures are already …

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Mid June report

The first thing I can say about the circulation in the first half of June 2020 is that if it had been a January it would have been one hell of a cold and snowy one, …

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Flaming June

It’s been downhill all the way so far this June as far as temperatures are concerned, and it’s been rather wet in a few places as well.

A cold day in June

Today was just a cold day. None of this ‘cool’ bollocks pedalled by the weathercasters, just a plain cold day in June with anomalies widley in the range of -4°C to -6°C. It was dry in …

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A cold day in June

Anomalies at 12 UTC on Thursday the 4th of June 2020 across the UK were generally between 2°C and 6°C below the 1981-2010 LTA. The only place above average that I can see is Plymouth in …

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20°C diurnal range

There was a 20.3°C diurnal range at Loch Glascarnoch between yesterday’s maximum (24.5°C) and this mornings minimum (4.2°C), there was even a slight frost at Aboyne (-0.4°C) just for good measure. This is all down to …

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