A cold morning

A cold morning in the north and west with anomalies 3 to 5 degrees below average for 06 UTC.

Heatstroke, sunburn AND windburn all in one go !!

The spring is warming up down under with temperatures of 40°C and 10 minute mean wind speeds of 30 knots or more at Sydney airport. Nice refreshing sea breeze at 07 UTC this evening.

Coldest night of the autumn

There is quite a contrast across the chart as far as overnight minimum temperatures are concerned.I think I am right in saying that the -6.1°C recorded at Aboyne made it the coldest night of the Autumn.

One day cold snap

Colder air is starting to dig in behind the cold front, which is all rather sad because it’ll be leaving again in little over 36 hours.One day cold snaps are all we can look forward to …

One day cold snap Read More »

An even milder morning

Temperatures across parts of northeast Scotland were close to ten degrees above the LTA for 06 UTC this morning and a degree higher than they were yesterday.

Well over 80 mm already…

Increased likelihood of impacts from the heavy rain and also to extend the warning into the early hours of Thursday.The band of rain will persist throughout Wednesday, easing and clearing eastwards into the early hours of …

Well over 80 mm already… Read More »

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