Easterly outlook

The weather in the next ten days looks set to remain cyclonic and very unsettled, with easterly winds across northern parts according to the latest run of the ECMWF model.

MIDAS and the cold day of 12th January 1987

I have previously written about this severe cold snap that occurred in the January of 1987 which I think produced the coldest weather for any week in the whole of the 20th century in England and Wales, if not the whole UK. Back when I wrote that original report, which unfortunately I have since deleted, I hadn’t tapped into the MIDAS climate data from the BADC. So here’s an example from the 12th of January 1987 of the richness of the MIDAS temperature data I generated in one of a suite of applications that I developed last year. As you...

Cold start to May in the north

It’s been quite a cold start to the month of May 2019 and their is a decent snow cover down to 2500 feet on Ben Wyvis in recent days. That’s not so surprising as the 1000-500 hPa partial thickness has been sub 528 Dm for the last week at Lerwick. I think this probably makes it one of the longest such cold spells in the entire winter-spring period of 2018-19. It’s been a long time since I saw snow falling in either October or May but it happened in a year with a comparatively mild winter. Another useful guide to...

‘Cool’ or just plain cold?

I would have thought that with today’s 1200 UTC anomalies of 5°C below the LTA for many places across the UK, that would have merited the term ‘cold’ rather than just ‘cool’ but what do I know? Although there is a tongue of warmer air across central southern England, temperatures across parts of northern Scotland are more than 7°C below the LTA this lunchtime, combined with the rain and the easterly wind that’s definitely cold in my book.