Another early frost

It could have been so much colder overnight if it hadn’t been for some low cloud and the wind never really falling out across the north. The 18-06 period is often not the coldest period in …

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Frost for the north?

I would have thought that there was a good chance of a sharp frost tonight across inland parts of Scotland, although the ICON model doesn’t seem to be going for one, it certainly feels crisp and …

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29-30 August 2020 – minimum temperatures

Generally far too much stratocumulus coming in around the top of the high across the northwest of IONA to achieve a real air frost overnight.

April 2020 Frosts

I don’t think I’ve seen a frostier month even in winter than we’ve seen this April across the northeast of Scotland. Spring has only really started in the last few weeks and we still have daffodils …

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A memorable April

The end of a quite spectacular sunny seven days in April, with today and maybe tomorrow to come, across much of the country. The northeast of Scotland saw another widespread frost inland, moderate in places like …

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How well did the BBC do?

Just a quick look back at the forecast from the BBC and Meteogroup to see how they did forecasting yesterday’s maximum and the overnight minimum temperatures. The early presenter yesterday was Louise Lear who was convinced …

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Equinox sunshine

The vernal equinox occurred precisely at 0349 UTC this morning and to help celebrate the fact it’s been another sunny start with Mediterranean blue skies across many northern parts of the country. Pressure has continued to …

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the 06 UTC temperature chart!

Their primary job as weathercasters is to present a weather forecast for the coming night and next day, yes they are given little time to do it in, and yes things are going to get wet and windy this weekend, but please don’t forget about the here and now.

Last nights frost

Last night there was a slight to moderate frost across Scotland, which was locally severe in places with a snow cover.

Stav’s frost-free winter

I can’t believe that the presenters come up with each idea themselves and that there isn’t someone locked in a room back at Meteogroup headquarters furiously racking his brain for pertinent weather and climate stories he can add to his list.

Mondays snow

A terrific satellite image of northern Scotland and it’s snow cover this lunchtime before it disappeared beneath a veil of thickening cirrus and cirrostratus.

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