Winter 2019-20 frost analysis

Not unsurprisingly the north of Scotland saw up to 30 nights with air frost in what has been a very mild Winter. There are a dozen or so coastal sites around the IONA that got away with a frost free winter including places such as Fair Isle in...

Equinox sunshine

The vernal equinox occurred precisely at 0349 UTC this morning and to help celebrate the fact it’s been another sunny start with Mediterranean blue skies across many northern parts of the country. Pressure has continued to build strongly overnight and the barometer has now topped 1037 hPa across...

Third consecutive frost

Three consecutive air frosts up here in the Highland which I don’t think this has happened in this part of the world all winter and goes to show just how mobile it’s been. The frost was severe at Altnaharra, getting down to -7.3°C, but frost prone spots across...

Last nights frost

Last night there was a slight to moderate frost across Scotland, which was locally severe in places with a snow cover.

Stav’s frost-free winter

I can’t believe that the presenters come up with each idea themselves and that there isn’t someone locked in a room back at Meteogroup headquarters furiously racking his brain for pertinent weather and climate stories he can add to his list.

Mondays snow

A terrific satellite image of northern Scotland and it’s snow cover this lunchtime before it disappeared beneath a veil of thickening cirrus and cirrostratus.

Severity of frost

Frost occurs when the temperature of the air in contact with the ground, or at thermometer-screen level, is below the freezing-point of water (‘ground frost’ or ‘air frost’, respectively). The term is also used of the icy deposits which may form on the ground and on objects in...