Hampshire heatwave in Hurn

As far as I can see Hurn in Hampshire was the only SYNOP station to exceed the UKMO heatwave threshold for three consecutive days.Not many people know that.

Last man standing

I think I can just about say that yesterday saw the end of the heatwave, with Keswick the warmest place in IONA with 25.2°C and last man station standing in the heatwave saga, just scraping an …

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Heatwave lives on in northwest of England

The heatwave survived for another day across the northwest of England. The count is five at both Keswick and Hawarden and that may stretch to six if thunderstorms don’t spoil the party today.

Heatwave Count – 9 August

Some brand new additions to the family yesterday as the heatwave extends into four days in places. But a noticeable lack of any nascent stations on the map away from the extreme south and southeast.

Heatwave takes hold in Lincolnshire

The Heatwave has taken hold across southern parts of the county of Lincolnshire with four stations registering three days of heatwave conditions as of Friday.

7 Aug 2020 – latest heatwave count

It looks like stations in the south of Lincolnshire might be the first to record a heatwave this August according to the criteria laid down by the Met Office.

Goodbye heatwave

Some places across the UK scraped four days out of this short lived ‘heatwave’ while many others never quite made it.

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