Goodbye heatwave

Some places across the UK scraped four days out of this short lived ‘heatwave’ while many others never quite made it.

Heatwave count

Here is the latest count (up until yesterday) of consecutive days that have reached the heatwave threshold as outlined by the UKMO. There’s absolutely no doubt that heatwave conditions will continue today, as temperatures are already …

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19 December – Australian temperatures

Nullarbor is right on the coast of the Great Australian Bight, so you may think that you’d escape the worse of the heat there with a refreshing sea breeze off the Southern Ocean, but in reality the land breeze is like being attacked by someone with a flamethrower with relative humidities of 5% or less.

The hot day of 25 July 2019

Thursday the 25th of July 2019 gave the UK it’s hottest day on record with 38.7°C being reported at Cambridge.

Quote of the day – Peter Stott

A similarly extreme heatwave 100 years ago would have been 4°C cooler – but would it still have been a heatwave?

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