Cold days in May

Just looking back at some cold May days from the archives and I came across the second of May 1979, I can’t recall the cold start to that May, but the synoptic situation looks similar to …

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April 2020 Frosts

I don’t think I’ve seen a frostier month even in winter than we’ve seen this April across the northeast of Scotland. Spring has only really started in the last few weeks and we still have daffodils …

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April 2020 Temperature

Because of the anticyclonic nature of the weather during April 2020 the afternoon’s were generally very warm especially across the south, and the nights were sometimes very cold especially across the north, so I thought I …

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A memorable April

The end of a quite spectacular sunny seven days in April, with today and maybe tomorrow to come, across much of the country. The northeast of Scotland saw another widespread frost inland, moderate in places like …

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