This evenings thunderstorms

A terrific collection of cumulonimbus clouds scattered across the continent and edging N’NW into blighty at the moment.

Thunderstorms show up late

I did wonder if yesterday evening’s thunderstorms that spread northwest across the heart of central England were ever going to materialise, but they finally make it across northwest England at around 19 UTC. It’s notoriously difficult …

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Another one they missed

Quite a large thunderstorm and cumulonimbus cloud developed close to the coast of northern France at around 15 UTC this afternoon, you can see the anvil clearly in the 1645 UTC visible satellite image, along with …

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What about London?

The Met Office seem to have missed the SFERICs that have broken out across the west of London in their yellow warning for thunderstorms this afternoon for the north Midlands. This looks like medium level instability …

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Thunderstorms in April

Heat thunderstorms like the ones that are popping off across Brittany and Dartmoor early this afternoon are more reminiscent to me of a summer’s day rather than April. What an unusual April this is turning out …

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Close but no cigar

The bulk of yesterday’s SFERIC activity just clipped the SE of England

Hail storm in Guadalajara

How can nearly a metre and a half of hail fall on the city of Guadalajara?

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