Tropical Cyclones

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Categories

Another take on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale

Belle and Sébastien

I don’t know why the Americans opted for a French name in their list of tropical cyclones this year, perhaps they have partnered up with Meteo France in another name that storm collaboration.

Hurricane Katrina

I don’t believe it!

Another attempt by climate scientist to find the holy grail by linking AGW to an increase in damaging hurricanes – but have they?

Lorenzo clips the Azores

Plotted observations from the Azores as Hurricane Lorenzo says hello

Whither Lorenzo

What’s left of Lorenzo makes an entrance stage left on Thursday – with echoes of hurricane Debbie in 1961

Hurricane Katrina

2018 Hurricane season

The updated HURDAT2 through 2018 for the Atlantic basin is now available to download. Here’s a closer look at the 2018 season. There were eight hurricanes in all but just Michael made it to category five. …

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