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The appliance of science

When you can’t pin down exactly where the showers will be why not let the NWP model do the work and display a rainfall accumulation chart?


The latest news from the NWP models regarding Lorenzo.

No mention of the word snow

Having just listened to the BBC forecast at lunchtime, and then the local forecast for Scotland, there was little or no mention of the word snow. Now I realise that 99.8% of people in eastern Scotland are not going to be the slightest bit bothered about the fact that there is going to be quite a lot of snow today above 500 metres today (see attached forecast), but I did think for people’s safety it is worth a mention. Not all hill walkers are that switched on and would be bothered to read these mountain forecasts from the Met Office,...

“A little bit mixed”

According to the BBC lunchtime forecast on Saturday, the weather through this May bank holiday is “looking a little bit mixed”. I would have thought the emphasis in any forecast today should have been on just how cold it was for the time of year, with 1200 UTC anomalies on Saturday widely between 2 and 4°C below average and as much as 9.5°C (Scampton, Lincolnshire) below the LTA in any any showers in eastern areas.