Nuisance rain

I notice that when a front stalls across southern parts of the country and produces some unwelcome rain it gets labelled by Louise Lear …

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the 06 UTC temperature chart!

Their primary job as weathercasters is to present a weather forecast for the coming night and next day, yes they are given little time to do it in, and yes things are going to get wet and windy this weekend, but please don’t forget about the here and now.

I do not believe it!

Not a single traffic cam on either the A57 or A628. Unfortunately Highways England only seem interested in traffic on Motorway and no other type of road.

Does Chris Fawkes ever look at obs in Scotland?

I get the feeling that this particular forecast is taped much earlier in the evening, and is certainly not helpful to any motorist attempting to use the A9 tonight who is watching it.

Insidious signs of Scotia Myopia

Petty and trivial it may be, but London centric thinking is insidious and pervades not only presenters at Meteogroup but at the Met Office too.

Stav’s frost-free winter

I can’t believe that the presenters come up with each idea themselves and that there isn’t someone locked in a room back at Meteogroup headquarters furiously racking his brain for pertinent weather and climate stories he can add to his list.

Large snowflakes…

This almost looks like a repeat performance of the 16th of December debacle in this part of the world.

Thirtieth anniversary of the Burns’ day storm

Dear Ben please feel free to use this plotted chart for your later broadcast, alternatively you could always print it out and put it on your mantle piece.

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