Upper Air

Showers in north as air mass cools

After finally seeing the back of that old cold front I never expected to see showers following on so quickly behind during this afternoon.

Where has all today’s upper cloud come from? Part II

For those are vaguely interested by the high cloud that invaded the skies across the UK yesterday, I did finally manage to track down a Watnall (Nottingham) ascent. As far as I can see the auto-sonde ascent at 11 UTC didn’t happen, or perhaps it did, only for...

Where has all today’s upper cloud come from?

I can’t quite understand where a lot of today’s upper cloud seems to have come from across the UK. The laser cloud base recorders [LCBR] don’t seem to be able to pick it up and none of the SYNOP observations from across the country are reporting it. I...

200 knot jet

A more detailed look at the midnight ascent from Yarmouth Nova Scotia where the wind was blowing 201 knots (231 mph) at 250 hPa.

Lee waves

Something of interest even on a cloudy day.

Jetstream shield

I don’t know the exact technical term for this ‘shield’ of cloud is, other than calling it jet stream cirrus but I know its a harbinger of rapid development. I quite like shield of cloud that I’ve coined, who knows perhaps it’ll catch on.