Weather Radar

Showers in north as air mass cools

After finally seeing the back of that old cold front I never expected to see showers following on so quickly behind during this afternoon.

Rainfall totals for last 39 hours

The wettest spots exposed to the strong to gale force S’SW for the last couple of days look to have seen 60 to 75 mm of rain in the last 39 hours, that’s if my estimates from weather radar images are correct. Accumulations like this due to orographic...

Latest rainfall accumulations

This is a chart of estimated rainfall totals since 12 UTC on Monday that’s a period of almost 26 hours, the estimates look fairly reasonable when compared to the reported totals from the SYNOPs. The highest orographic rainfall totals are in the range 50 to 60 mm over...

17 March 2020 – 15 UTC analysis

A flat warm front wave on the cold front running E’NE across Northern Ireland makes for an interesting plotted chart for 15 UTC today with a sharp temperature contrast north south across the UK. Looking forward to the brief anticyclonic spell this weekend when hopefully we might get...

7-8 March 2020 – overnight rainfall

These estimates of rainfall from the weather radar for the 18-06 UTC overnight period look a bit on the light side when compared to some of the actual values that fell from the cold front as it crossed the country. No doubt they’ll do their bit in keeping...

7 March 2020 – rainfall

A wet, wet, wet 24 hours in the west of Scotland, with a very distinct rain shadow boundary running down the four degrees west line of longitude, it’s a bit of pity that Strathpeffer lies 4.5397° west.

Rain shadow magic

Estimates from weather radar suggest that there has between 60 to 75 mm of precipitation since midnight across the mountains of NW Scotland. The rain shadow effect has been in overdrive for much of the day here in Scotland and so accumulations further east have been mollified by...

Precipitation from Storm Jorge

This is the latest chart of the estimated weekend precipitation totals from storm Jorge starting at 18 UTC on Friday. As usual most of the highest totals are across the higher ground in the west, although it does look to have been unusually wet southeast of Glasgow, and...

Overnight Rainfall – 29 February 2019

South Wales took another drenching overnight, with 24 hour estimates of between 60 and 75 mm quite widely across the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains of South Wales. Comparing my estimated totals with the actual 06-06 SYNOP observations straight from the gauge I may be undergoing the rainfall...

Last 36 hours precipitation totals

Aberdeenshire have escaped the worst of it in the last 36 hours, with not much more than a millimetre of precipitation, that’s not the case further west where most of it fell as snow especially on higher ground. Totals in the mountains of Knoydart and Kintail look to...

This weeks rainfall

Most of the heaviest precipitation this week has been in the northwest, whilst extreme eastern and southern parts have escaped the heaviest of it.

Dennis so far

Believe it or not, some of the highest accumulations to be found in that period have been across the southern Cairngorms in Scotland, where there’s not even a yellow warning in force.

Snow catches Met Office on the hop

Here in Ross-shire there has been a continual stream of light snow showers throughout the day, which until the last hour have not settled.

Rainfall analysis – 9 February 2020

There certainly was a large area of rainfall accumulations of 50-75 mm and within that smaller areas of 75-100 mm in the 24 hours. No wonder there was flooding at Hebden Bridge.