Weather Radar

Upper vortex

There is an upper trough that’s pushing up across the Midlands at the moment, that’s spinning this interesting vortex of rain northwestward. It’s obviously now a relaxing feature, and it’s not really visible as a cut-off …

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Today’s hit-and-miss rain

Using one of Tomasz Schafernaker’s favourite nonsensical clichés that he employs, today’s rainfall has been quite hit-and-miss across southwest and central southern England. Weather radar estimates indicate that it’s generally been quite wet for a spell, …

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Dragon’s breath!

I couldn’t quite resist making something out of the latest weather radar image across the southwest of England this morning, as for some strange reason it reminded me of the fiery breath of one of those …

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Another one they missed

Quite a large thunderstorm and cumulonimbus cloud developed close to the coast of northern France at around 15 UTC this afternoon, you can see the anvil clearly in the 1645 UTC visible satellite image, along with …

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Thunderstorms in April

Heat thunderstorms like the ones that are popping off across Brittany and Dartmoor early this afternoon are more reminiscent to me of a summer’s day rather than April. What an unusual April this is turning out …

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Showers in north as air mass cools

After finally seeing the back of that old cold front I never expected to see showers following on so quickly behind during this afternoon.

Rain shadow magic

Estimates from weather radar suggest that there has between 60 to 75 mm of precipitation since midnight across the mountains of NW Scotland. The rain shadow effect has been in overdrive for much of the day …

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