Just for a change

Just for a change the focus of the heaviest rain in the next ten days, looks likely to be across the southwest of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England, thats if this ECMWF forecast proved to …

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High speed stratus

A lovely day at last in Easter Ross for a change, after what were three dull, humid and overcast days. Even late this afternoon there were the first signs of high speed stratus on the horizon …

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Thunderstorms show up late

I did wonder if yesterday evening’s thunderstorms that spread northwest across the heart of central England were ever going to materialise, but they finally make it across northwest England at around 19 UTC. It’s notoriously difficult …

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Overnight rainfall totals

A sharp cut off in the heaviest precipitation across west Wales and southwest England in overnight rainfall totals. Somerset got away with only a virtual splash of the heaviest rainfall that fell further west, the heaviest …

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Flaming June

It’s been downhill all the way so far this June as far as temperatures are concerned, and it’s been rather wet in a few places as well.

The Findhorn in spate

A friend of mine sent me these interesting pictures of the River Findhorn in Moray. The two images were taken at Randolph’s leap a local beauty spot a week apart, and show just how rapidly the …

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Hit and miss rain

Benson seems to be well placed at the moment to escape the rain that’s been affected the country in the last 24 hours. Yesterday it got away with just 1.2 mm missing out on all the …

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