12 March 2020 – wind gusts

It wasn’t just the northeast of England that experienced strong winds today. Meanwhile here in Strathpeffer we woke up to another thin covering of snow this morning, it didn’t last for long, but like last year I think that we have seen snow lying in each month since...

Rain shadow magic

Estimates from weather radar suggest that there has between 60 to 75 mm of precipitation since midnight across the mountains of NW Scotland. The rain shadow effect has been in overdrive for much of the day here in Scotland and so accumulations further east have been mollified by...

Make that four

This is the fourth day of sunshine and light winds across the Highlands, it’s been cold by night with frosts at night, but mild and sunny by day. It’s a real tonic after enduring such a wet February of raw winds and snow that never seemed to want...

Contrasting fortunes for Scottish ski resorts

Temperature during February across the high ground of central and northern Scotland were in stark contrast to the extremely mild conditions of last year when temperatures on the 14th reached 14.5°C. This year 24 hour mean temperatures on Cairngorm have remained below zero since the last week in...


The Met Office have been quite good with their snow warnings over Scotland for the last couple of weeks but not so today.

Finally some snow in the dip

At last this morning a couple of centimetres has settled at all levels for a change, and for a time this part of Ross-shire resembles scenes on a Christmas card.

Impacts and probabilities of tomorrow’s snow

Now that we are less than 18 hours from the possibility of any snow falling, surely their mesoscale model which they run every hour, has now come up with a definitive answer about how much snow will fall?

The whites of its eyes

I can’t remember a month when it seems to have snowed in our part of the Highlands just about every other day, but any temporary covering of snow we did see never lasted for very long.

Last nights frost

Last night there was a slight to moderate frost across Scotland, which was locally severe in places with a snow cover.

Snow for auld reekie?

The Met Office must be very confident in their mesoscale model, because rather surprisingly they are not expecting much in the way of impacts from snow away from the higher ground of the southern uplands and Cumbria (updated).

I do not believe it!

Not a single traffic cam on either the A57 or A628. Unfortunately Highways England only seem interested in traffic on Motorway and no other type of road.