Good old Met Office

There are no warnings of strong wind in force today from the Met Office. But Meteoalarm reveals that’s not the case in other countries across Europe. Portugal have warnings issued for gusts of 75 kph on their coasts, Norway have issued warnings for coastal areas for mean speed...

An Egyptian low

I am indebted to Helen Willets about news of a low pressure system that formed across Egypt yesterday and which is now running into the eastern Mediterranean sea, and which brought some unusual flooding to Cairo and surrounding areas. It’s not a great part of the world for...

12 March 2020 – wind gusts

It wasn’t just the northeast of England that experienced strong winds today. Meanwhile here in Strathpeffer we woke up to another thin covering of snow this morning, it didn’t last for long, but like last year I think that we have seen snow lying in each month since...

Named storms and the Gale Index

This has to have been been the windiest autumn/winters of the last four across the IONA. There have been fived named storms up until going to press, three of them in February alone when it was particularly stormy, especially so at weekends for some reason. The bar chart...

“Unprecedented”- I don’t believe it.

Chris Fawkes was chatting to day on the 2.30 PM weather slot on the BBC News channel. This five minute chat can give you some insight to how each weathercaster thinks and occasionally it’s quite intersting to boot. Today Chris was going on about the “unprecedented” number of...

What stops the Spanish doing it again?

As far as I can see if AEMet expect coastal communities in Galicia to experience a spell of strong winds with gusts in excess of 80 kph and issue an amber alert this may well trigger the naming of a storm even though the storm center may be over 1500 kilometres away as has happened with storm Jorge.

The whites of its eyes

I can’t remember a month when it seems to have snowed in our part of the Highlands just about every other day, but any temporary covering of snow we did see never lasted for very long.

Stormy winter

This winter so far has a Gale Index of 30.3, the third highest of any winter since 1871, and not too far behind the memorable stormy winter of 2013-14.

The great Oz has spoken!

The Met Office have finally sprung into action and have this morning, and rather belatedly in my opinion when compared to their hair trigger like response in the naming of storms Ciara and Dennis, issued a yellow warning for strong winds across Scotland for Monday.

Gnasher has one last go

A windy night across large parts of IONA as we say a fond farewell to storm Dennis and his dog!

Dennis so far

Believe it or not, some of the highest accumulations to be found in that period have been across the southern Cairngorms in Scotland, where there’s not even a yellow warning in force.