The mysterious gust of 194 mph

We will never know if the wind didn’t veer more sharply into the northwest on the passage of that cold front, and allow the wind to funnel directly up Coire Cas and produce that record gust seen at the Ptarmigan station.

Doing a ton on Cairngorm

Conditions must be truly horrendous up there at the moment as the temperature is currently -2.6°C in snow and blowing snow.

A windy Monday next week

Monday certainly looks like it will be very windy so it’s a fair bet that this could be named storm Brendan if Met Eireann have anything to do with it. Tuesday has the potential for being even windier across southern area as the secondary low looks well placed for rapid development.

Today’s cancelled warning

I was rather surprised that they didn’t cancel it earlier, and had thought they might leave the warning in force and brazen it out like they’ve done in the past, after all it is a rather windy day south of 53° north, and there have been a few lively gusts around.

The Capel Curig wind tunnel

The Met Office are not taking any chances after getting caught out on two separate occasions in the last week with gusts of 70 mph at Capel Curig.