Highest gusts in last 24 hours

Nowhere was immune from gale force gusts in the last 24 hours, and only Malin head saw storm force gusts and a full gale for a couple of hours.

Low Gudrun

So the UKMO finally issue a yellow warning for strong wind for Friday, but they reckon that gusts of 50 to 60 mph will only affect Northern Ireland and nowhere else? Obviously they know more than …

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Lee low

Plenty of lee wave effects across the north of Scotland this afternoon visible on both the plotted chart and in satellite imagery, and some very low dew point air coming down off the Cairngorms with relative …

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Gey windy in the north

Bright and breezy across the north of Scotland today after the clearance of the cold front early this morning. One or two fleeting showers making it across the mountains into Easter Ross as the morning went …

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Good old Met Office

There are no warnings of strong wind in force today from the Met Office. But Meteoalarm reveals that’s not the case in other countries across Europe. Portugal have warnings issued for gusts of 75 kph on …

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An Egyptian low

I am indebted to Helen Willets about news of a low pressure system that formed across Egypt yesterday and which is now running into the eastern Mediterranean sea, and which brought some unusual flooding to Cairo …

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