Changes in Daily Co₂

If you like me have been looking for some kind of fall off in the inexorable rise in daily global Co₂ levels since the start of the Coronavirus you might be disappointed, although there is some evidence that the rate of 365 day change in Co₂ has fallen quite sharply since the start of February, but this is nothing unusual because as you can see the graph of rate of change since 2011, although it’s always positive it is volatile, and can vary from as high as 4 ppm to less than 1.5 ppm in any one given 365 day period. Not only that but after the recent sharp fall, the rate of change now seems to have bottomed out at 2.95 ppm. Obviously it will take a longer recession in manufacturing global before we see a marked reduction in daily global Co₂ levels, after all the world might not be making much but it still need to keep warm and fed.

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