Cherry picking sites to plonk an AWS to capture climate extremes…

I was very slow looking into the reported record minimum temperature of -35.6°C for Spain that occurred at Vega de Liordes in northern Spain. As you can see from the Tweet it occurred 1800 M amsl high in the Cantabrian Mountains in some kind of hanging valley, presumably where the sun never shines in the deep of winter. At this height the AWS would be sitting in a bowl of powder deep snow, with katabatic winds draining down from all sides into what is an absolute perfect frost hollow, and that’s the reason why some bright spark plonked the AWS there. It strikes me that this may be similar to what happened last year at Furnace Creek in Death valley with the record breaking temperature of 54.4°C – (a) Plonk an AWS in the hottest or coldest place that you can find (b) Sit back and wait to claim an extreme temperature record – which of course whether its hot or cold is just more evidence of climate change.

What do you think?

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