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Stav Danaos seems to be getting over his long bout of chillyitus, it’s still there but he did manage to use the word cold five times in his lunchtime forecast so the therapy must be working. He still slipped in a couple of ‘cools’ as he did euphemisms, which included temperatures are ‘really disappointing‘ and temperatures ‘are below par’.
Meanwhile Gillian Smart at BBC Scotland has it bad though, she never mentioned the word cold, on a day when anomalies across the east of Scotland at lunchtime between -3°C and -7°C below the LTA. She did come out with a couple of classics – temperatures are ‘below were we expect’ and the evergreen temperatures ‘on the cool side’ for the time of year. I’m not convinced that her description of a scattering of showers today for Scotland is that accurate either, certainly around here today they are a straight TEMPO rather than a PROB 30.

No one down at the BBC has dug out the old ‘feels like’ chart recently, which if they had would show that windchill was sub zero at Inverbervie and at Aviemore that’s because it’s rather COLD. In my opinion chilly is what it turns in an evening after a warm summer’s day, and should not used to describe a cold day in late April with sub-zero wind chill and anomalies of -7°C, but what the hell do I know.

What do you think?

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