Circulation in June 2019

Data courtesy of NCEP reanalysis

The recent heatwave over parts of France may have caught all the headlines, but the real centre of the warmth in June lay much further to the east in Poland and Ukraine with anomalies of +5°C. Extreme western parts of Europe (including the British Isles) were much cooler (-1°C). The anomaly chart for June as you can see is dominated by higher than average temperatures with the only major negative anomalies occurring over the Great Lakes (-3°C)

Data courtesy of NCEP reanalysis

The mean pressure pattern in Europe was unusually distorted and dominated by two areas of higher than average pressure, one across the Ukraine (+5 hPa) and the other over Eastern Greenland (+9 hPa), sandwiched between the two was a trough of low pressure that extended down through the Norwegian to the southwest of Ireland (-3 hPa).


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