Circulation in July 2019

The one stand out factor in the MSLP anomaly chart for July 2019 was the much higher than average pressure across central Greenland (+12 hPa), this combined with large negative values across western Russia (-6 hPa) induced a NE’ly flow that gave eastern Scandinavia and western Russia a cool month. The Azores high just about held its position, and the squeeze between that and the high over Greenland increased the SW flow across the central Atlantic (with associated anomalies of -6 hPa), and produced the resultant poor weather over northern Scotland for much of the month.

Data courtesy of NCEP reanalysis

The effects of the heatwave over Europe are picked up over Europe and western Scandinavia quite well. The warmth over Greenland is not as pronounced as that further west ove Baffin Island. The cold pool over eastern Scandinavia and western Russia is also visible as mentioned earlier.

Data courtesy of NCEP reanalysis

It’s noticeable that although the month of July was very warm and did break a lot of national records across Europe, it was not as anomalously warm as the previous month June 2019.

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