Close to drought at Baltasound

I was surprised when I ran these diagnostics on rainfall over the last month and found how many stations were close to absolute drought conditions again across IONA. Even more surprisingly is that Baltasound tops the list with Brize Norton on 14 days, but there are a further dozen sites on 12 days or more close behind. As far as I can see have 100% reception of for the majority of SYNOP sites. It seems that we might have a dry-wet-dry situation going on over the last three months.

2 thoughts on “Close to drought at Baltasound”

  1. Not widespread drought though (except perhaps in parts of Scotland) as one can see from the spread of red squares.

    1. There’s no drought anywhere until we get to the magic 15 days.
      So it maybe a very short drought at Baltasound – but no less notable for that.

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