Cloudy and mild

Mild Atlantic air has now swept across all part of IONA as the models predicted with temperatures in the Moray firth close to 12°C at 12 UTC. I see that the freezing level is as high as 9,000 feet at Camborne this lunchtime, and the tropopause over the southwest of England is as high as 150 hPa (45,000 feet) where it’s a cold -77.5°C.

28 December 2019 1115 UTC Camborne

You may think it’s mild further south but temperature anomalies are much higher further north, with values around +8°C across a large part of the highlands at 12 UTC. Pardon the blues I’ve used in the following chart, the code that produces the colours in this application looks like it could do with some reworking by the look of it.

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