CO2 three year cycle doesn’t disappoint

As most of my regular readers know I keep an eye on the Mauna Loa CO2 monthly values every now and then, but they are a bit predictable, always going up with that now familiar saw tooth profile. That’s why I always show a chart of the 12 month average to smooth the data to better understand the rate of change. A while back I noticed a three year kind of cycle to that rate of change and I notice that in the latest data for February 2020 it has started back down into another cycle. I don’t know what’s behind this, I’ve checked my code and don’t think that it’s something that I’ve introduced. Just to remind you that this graph takes a bit of understanding, the red bars are the monthly 12 month rate of change, the black line series is the moving 12 month average of that change.

Coronavirus and CO2

In truth I was looking at the CO2 figures for February to see if they had showed some kind of slump due to the Coronavirus outbreak severely affecting industrial output in China. The February CO2 figure are slightly down, but there have been lower months and the overall thrust is still strongly upwards, perhaps the March and April figures will show a reduction, who knows.

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