Cold blob extends and intensifies

SST Anomalies
4 July 2020

The cold blob in the central North Atlantic has grown in size and intensified a little since July of last year, and the cooler waters have extended westward towards Ireland. In the meantime the waters around the southwest of Iceland have also cooled from the SST anomalies of +1 to +2.5°C last year to values that are closer to average. Waters around the UK are generally a little below average rather than the above average of last year at the same time.

SST Anomalies
25 July 2018 & 26 July 2019

A combination of the very mild winter of 2019-20 and the recent heatwave over Scandinavia have pushed SST anomalies in the northern Baltic to +3°C or more above the LTA, whilst in the Mediterranean the recent cold June has had the opposite effect.

4 July 2020 & 8 July 2019
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