Cold days in May

Coldest Daily Mean in the UK in May since 1862

Just looking back at some cold May days from the archives and I came across the second of May 1979, I can’t recall the cold start to that May, but the synoptic situation looks similar to the one forecast to occur this weekend. You’ll notice I’ve plotted some of the old observing stations from 40 years ago, they include places such as Tarbett Ness, Glenlivet and Bell Rock to name just a few of them. By chance this was the also the coldest day maximum for the second of May since 1878 in central England.

CET 2nd May 1878-2019

The coldest May as a month in the UK though occurred back in 1902, that’s according to the gridded data from the Met Office, with a mean temperature for the month almost 3°C below the 1981-2010 LTA, and no I can’t remember that one either.

May 1884-2019
Data courtesy UKMO
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