Cold front looks weak but isn’t

The surface cold front that’s now crossing the northwest of Scotland looks a pretty weak affair on the face of it, but it did produce a sharp drop in temperature and a burst of heavy rain at Altnaharra just before 06 UTC as it went through. From the look of the latest weather radar image it looks like there are pockets of heavier rain associated with it. Hopefully the front has enough momentum to take it as far south as possible during the rest of today and not stick around for five days like the system did at the end of March. The MSLP contouring on this chart may look a little incoherent, that’s because I plot MSLP values from the many AMOUK vessels that ply their way around the waters of the UK, some of the sensor readings are good, but quite a few are just wrong.

There does look to be a fair hangback of upper and high cloud behind it though. It looks like a beautiful morning is just edging into the Flannan Isles (58°17N 7°35W) it’s just a crying shame that there’s never been a SAWS installed on the lighthouse which maybe one of the windiest spots (bar St Kilda another great candidate for a SAWS) in the whole of the eastern Atlantic.

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