Cold night in Sutherland

There was a slight frost at both Altnaharra and Kinbrace in Sutherland last night, not bad going for the 7th of July and the height of summer, but with sub 546 dam 1000-500 hPa partial thicknesses over Scotland, clear skies and light winds it can happen. A large contrast between the -0.6°C at Kinbrace and 15°C minimums across the south, but that’s the climate of the British Isles for you. Although both stations lie close to rivers, neither of the valleys that they are in can be described as a steep sided ‘glen’, so beloved of weathercasters further south. I was lucky to find these thermographs from the Weathercast website, it’s a shame that these block 99 stations can’t be given a regular WMO station number and included with the rest of the UK observations like they should.

In the game of ‘spot the met enclosure’ I didn’t have any trouble finding the one at Altnaharra, but despite a rigorous search, I couldn’t for the life of me find the enclosure at Kinbrace, answers on a postcard please.

03044 Altnaharra
03044 – Altnaharra
Courtesy of the OS
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