Cold wave to greet the start of spring

If you were expecting an early spring once again this year then you may have to think again, that’s if the latest NWP forecast from the ECMWF is to believed. A tongue of very cold air is expected to extend westward from Scandinavia as an anticyclone positions itself to the north and effectively blocks the Atlantic, as it did at the start of February, and allows a blarst of cold easterlies to extend across IONA later this week. Although lowest temperatures will be overnight in the north, thanks to clear skies, light winds and proximity to the high itself, the coldest conditions look likely to be by day in the biting easterly winds across southern areas. At least it looks mainly dry, except for some wintry showers down the east coast, hopefully it won’t be overly cloudy because bright spring sunshine should offset the cold, especially if you could get some shelter from the wind. The ECMWF maintains this block and this spell of anticyclonic easterly winds well into the middle of next week.


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