Convergence line or old occlusion?

Courtesy BBC

Chris Fawkes thinks that the line of showers aligned NW-SE across central England this morning has been brought about as the result of a line of convergence rather than from an old occlusion the Met Office have been running in their six hourly analysis charts for the last few days. There’s certainly appears to be some convection going on looking at the visible satellite image which seems to be spreading out to form a layer of SC with a base of 5,000 feet. There’s also some convergence going on, but not quite as dramatic in the 12 UTC surface winds than in his graphic. I’m no big fan of Chris Fawkes presentation style, but you can’t knock his enthusiasm for meteorology. What do you reckons causing this line of precipitation? Answers on a postcard as usual.

Courtesy UKMO
Courtesy NASA
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