Dalwhinnie finally gets it’s cigar

This mornings minimum of -9.7°C [18-06] Dalwhinnie just pipped Altnaharra as the coldest night of the year. Before you write to me complaining that’s wrong, remember the Met Office greedily likes to keep as much of the observational, climatological or NWP data that it collects or creates to itself, much like Smaug the dragon in the Hobbit does. After all it is an Agency and has to produce a return for the government. That’s why it has dozen of climate stations that you’ll find it impossible to access the latest data for without spending some money. Not only that ‘proper’ climate data likes to split the day into 09-21 UTC and 21-09 UTC periods, rather than the 06-18 UTC and 18-06 UTC as happens in SYNOP reports. That’s the reason I can’t access any of the data from these secret site. But I do know, courtesy of Twitter, that it must have got a little colder this morning at Dalwhinnie, that’s probably because this site can be polled for its latest data remotely, and the 21-09 UTC minimum temperature fell again to -10.2°C. It’s strange that yesterday’s minimum there of -9.5°C was of little interest to them, it was only when it set a record did they register it.

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