December 2020 temperature anomalies

Raw data courtesy of NCEP Reanalysis

There were just two below average regions in out part of the northern hemisphere during December 2020, the cold pool over the central Atlantic (-2°C) and a more intense anomaly of -7°C centred over Uzbekistan. Enhanced by the lack of sea ice east of Svalbard and north of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago there were two large positive (+12 and +10°C) anomalies in the Barents sea. Europe has seen another very mild month with positive anomalies of 5°C over Sweden and Finland and another of 4°C over Romania. In the west a string of +5 or +6°C anomalies stretched north from Newfoundland up through Baffin Bay to the northwest of Greenland. IONA was mildest in the southeast and coldest in the far west. Here for comparison is the chart for December 2019 which I notice is not too dissimilar to this year across IONA.

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