Dennis so far

Weather Radar Estimates
1200-1825 UTC

It looks like it may not have been as wet as expected in the amber warning areas so far today (1200-1825 UTC). But the warnings extend till 15 UTC on Sunday, and overnight there’s forecast to be a wave on the cold front, which at the moment is straddled and slow moving across northern England, which may hold it up and enhance the rainfall in that part of the world. Believe it or not, away from the Lake District some of the highest accumulations since 12 UTC area across the southern Cairngorms where there’s not even a yellow warning in force. I’m sure that rivers such as the Tay will be running high tonight with the combination of rainfall and the snowmelt from the mountains. Winds have been pretty lively too across the country, here’s a chart of storm force gusts from 03 UTC this morning.

Storm Force Gusts
0300-1800 UTC
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