Depressing outlook all bar Thursday

The weather looks depressingly like a very average kind of January for the next ten days or so, thats according to the ECMWF model, all apart from the deep low that forms during Wednesday and steadily tracks northeastward and deepens, so by Thursday morning its out into the central North Sea with a central pressure of 953 hPa or less. The gradients look tight around it at 06 UTC on Thursday, especially on its southern flank, so who knows it could be a candidate for storm with that good old English name Christoph – I ask you who dreams up these names! I would like to see this low the head into Scandinavia never to be seen of again and introduce a northerly airstream in its wake, sadly this is not the case, because the low is repulsed by high pressure to the east, and ends up doing a pirouette across the north of Scotland (how many times have we seen this happen in recent years) and backs the flow quickly into the northwest or west again. We can only hope that the models have it all wrong or that the SSW comes to our rescue – but who knows this mobility might be all down to that SSW event earlier this month.

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