Desperate for a story

Courtesy BBC

The BBC weathercasters must have been looking desperately for a weather story for the southeast of England this morning, who must be feeling rather left out of things at the moment, what with snow everywhere but there, and record cold night time minima in Scotland. Another likely candidate weather story of the day in my humble opinion must be the sub-zero temperatures across northern Scotland today. At 12 UTC temperatures have only struggled up to -3.7°C at Altnaharra – but northern Scotland isn’t the southeast of Scotland is it – so scrub that story and go with the one about rain over Kent. Weather worthy stories are a bit like severe warning impacts in many ways, the smaller the population the less interest weathercasters seem to show in them. As you know I’m an avid viewer of the weather forecasts on the BBC, but I must admit I’ve never heard one of the weathercasters mention the 23 cm of snow that has fallen in the Highlands over the week – funny that.

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