Despite six tropical storms and a load of hype the 2020 hurricane season still has to get going

The NHC have surpassed themselves this year in forensically spotting six short lived tropical storms that have between them survived a total of 264 hours before transitioning to that great tropical cyclone up in the sky that we call the atmosphere. There’s already been a tremendous amount of hype about just how active a season 2020 will be, no doubt tied in with the great expectations that 2020 could be the warmest year on record globally.

It’s always been the dream of any self respecting climate scientist to link AGW to tropical cyclone activity, and this year could well be the year that they do it, none of this AGW is responsible for longer lasting hurricanes, or AGW is responsible for producing faster to cat 5 hurricanes, no this time it’s the holy grail – AGW is responsible for creating more tropical cyclones than ever before! Surely that will prove to the doubting Thomas’s around the world that global heating is really happening.

Tropical Storm Fay survived for just 36 hours, and although it may have been the earliest sixth named storm on record, that doesn’t change the fact that currently this season – up until the 17th of July – is only joint 15th most active gauged on total tropical storm hours.

There’s still a lot of the season to go, but at the moment the world is denuded of any tropical cyclone activity which in itself is pretty unusual.

It’s always interesting to see how these speculations about the 2020 Hurricane season pan out, hopefully they do better than they did last year.

What a great source of information Wikipedia is for tropical cyclones
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