Dip in temperatures and the formation of the Scottish Meteorological Office

Don’t you just love that parochial rubbish in the announcement there would be ‘dip in temperatures’ in today’s Met Office Twitter feed, totally ignoring the fact that the ‘dip in temperatures’ came on Friday in the north of Scotland. Yes I do realise it’s a rather petty point that I’m making, but of course if you live in the south then you wouldn’t have notice it at all, because after all you are the Met Office’s target audience. The thinking by the media team in Exeter is that it’s only really newsworthy if it affects the people in the southeast of England. But the natives are getting restless north of the border, and I for one am tired of being excluded by what’s supposed to be our national weather service provider here in the United Kingdom, so much so that I’ve already come up with their new corporate logo. Who knows if this happens we might the reinstatement of upper air ascents from Stornoway and Shanwell, and perhaps a new weather radar for the north of Scotland, and best of all a central Scotland temperature series! Joking aside, perhaps in the continuing process of devolution in the years to come, we really might see the formation of our own Scottish Meteorological Office at 231 Corstorphine Road if Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP get their way.

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