Displaying Shetland in a box on maps is now banned by law on official documents

I did wonder why I had to make changes to one of my software applications and realised that it was because the UKMO had changed the map that they use to draw their climate data on, that’s when I remembered about a bit of obscure news that I had a while back that putting Shetland in a box was going to be phased out in maps used in official documents.
I may be wrong here but as far as I can see thats why these climate charts of the UK the UKMO produce have been modified to comply with this legislation. Although the same size, the underlying map area has obviously had to be increased, which shrinks the map which is a great pity. On top of that the resolution is not quite as sharp as it once was, and of course the sea is no longer blue anymore! I wonder if they will redo all their previous climate maps ro reflect this change?

Now that are well into the twenty first century all the Met Office have to do now is get their director of Climate to talk to his or her counterpart in Met Eireann and agree to exchange climate data so that they can produce climate maps for the whole of IONA.

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