Distinct difference in tone between Meteogroup and UKMO forecasts for the coming week

Courtesy BBC & UKMO

I have watched forecasts for the coming week and ten days from both the BBC and the UKMO, and I detect a distinct difference in tone between them. The UKMO, in the form of Alex Deakin, seemed to be switched on to the threat from cold weather in the coming ten days, whilst Meteogroup and the BBC in the form of Tomasz Schafernaker, seem to almost dismiss it out of hand, as a bit of “hill snow”, and concentrate on how mild it will be across the south. I think part of the reason for the difference is that Alex Deakin has the luxury of stepping though a door into the central forecasting office of the Met Office and talk directly with Oz the big chief or any of the other teams. I’m sure that there’ll be a Bat phone down at the BBC that links directly to the Meteogroup chief forecaster, but so often lately the two organisations don’t seem to see eye to eye on what’s important with the weather across the country. I can’t embed both videos in this blog, because the odd BBC format won’t let me, so here are links to both to see what you make of them:-

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