Don’t panic! A relatively cool month does not mean that #climatechange has stopped!

I don’t know about you, but I find this mornings tweet from the WMO, reminding us that climate change hasn’t suddenly stopped just because weve had a cold April in Europe, a bit of an insult to our intelligence. Maybe they are getting a bit jittery knowing that we’re less than six months away from CPO-26 in Glasgow when all the world will be focussing on these global temperatures? They must be also fully aware that global temperatures haven’t been on the “up-and-up” recently. If they’ve been following this blog they will know full well about the ‘twin peaks’ in global temperatures in recent years, and are concerned that the public might get the wrong idea from the graphs and get the idea that temperatures have been on the slide. The new HadCRUT5 series has yet to publish its monthly anomalies for February and March, let alone April, as Copernicus have just done, which might in itself make sceptics wonder what are they so afraid of?

What do you think?

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