Dry spell continues

The number of drought days are on the rise again. The total for St James Park has now reached 27 days, and the way things are going the dry spell could go on for at least another week before breaking, so it could end up being a completely dry April there.

I could end up with a serious amount of egg on my face here but I don’t think the record for the driest April (14.1 mm) set in 1938 is in any danger in the UK gridded data series, mainly because of all the snow showers that fell in the north and the northwest of Scotland in the first week should buk up the total. Neither do I think the record 1.5 mm set in 1893 for southern and southeast England will be broken, although obviously a lot of local shorter length climate series records will no doubt be set. Obviously it all hinges on just how many, and how heavy, the April showers will be later next week.

What do you think?

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