Dull and humid in the southeast – much sunnier further north and west

For a real treat I just sat through a BBC weather forecast presented by the inimitable Tomasz Schafernaker at 1157 BST followed by one presented by Susan Powell an hour later. It was interesting to compare their contrasting styles, Schafernaker made much more of this weekends thunderstorms than Powell did, who almost dismissed them out of hand for Monday. Suffice it to say neither of them had much to say about what was happening to today’s weather further north and west, that’s probably down to the fact that the weather’s crap in the southeast of England at the moment, and probably will be until at least Tuesday. Schafernaker went on at great length about the cloud plaguing the south, at the moment but bizarrely failed to mention places such as the west of Cornwall, north of Wales, Northwest England, Western and Northern Scotland which had no cloud and were sunny. So here in my small way I thought that I would try and redress the balance a little, with some refreshing honesty about what today’s weather across the entire UK looks like from space.

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