Early Monday looks interesting

Courtesy of wxcharts.com

The weather early on Monday looks quite interesting in Scotland. By that time the country will be in cold air with sub 528 dm thicknesses. The 528 dm was always referred to at outstions at least as the snow line, and when all assistants would get out their blue felt tipped markers and dutifully colour up the thickness charts in shades of red (564), green (546), blue (528), brown (510) and purple (492). They wouldn’t use the purple much if ever in these warmed up winters we get these nowadays, anyway less of the reminiscing. An occlusion (what else?) is embedded in the westerly flow in the NWP charts for early on Monday, and it’s this that will bring the threat of a spell of snow, even to low ground across Scotland. Tomasz Schafernaker, you know the cool weather presenter guy who’s really very hard to impress with any kind of weather we get in the UK, has just pointed out in one of his broadcasts that this will be “wet snow”, well that maybe true on lower ground, but with forcast 850 hPa temperatures of -5°C, the freezing level on Monday may be little higher than 300 metres and there it will be powder.

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