Easterly winds and the A835

The fresh to strong easterly wind has been blowing since early on Tuesday across northern Scotland, and it looks likely that it’ll keep blowing through the weekend and into next week. Above is the anemograph from Loch Glascarnoch, and as you can see the direction has been locked into 090° for the last four days, with mean speed generally force five or six occasionally force seven at time. It’s no wonder that the A835 was blocked at Loch Droma which is just to the west of the AWS at Loch Glascarnoch overnight by deep drifts of snow up to two metres deep. Thirty two people were trapped in their vehicles overnight up there and had to be rescued this morning. I have no doubt that the 16 cm of snow being reported by the Loch Glascarnoch AWS at the moment is the old frozen snow from the last few weeks, and any new snow that has fallen in the last 36 hours or so has been whipped away by the wind and deposited on the A835 which runs close by!

I would have also liked to have included the anemograph from the AWS at Tain but curiously the SYNOP report doesn’t include a direction or mean speed but does include the highest hourly gust.
I notice that the high winds yesterday evening have put a 30° lean on our bird feeder in the garden. Curiously the ‘cold weather’ this week has cleared most of the ice and remaining snow from the week before from the garden and raised the snow level to around 200 M amsl on the hills above Dingwall.

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