Equinox sunshine

The vernal equinox occurred precisely at 0349 UTC this morning and to help celebrate the fact it’s been another sunny start with Mediterranean blue skies across many northern parts of the country. Pressure has continued to build strongly overnight and the barometer has now topped 1037 hPa across northern Scotland, rather depressingly this won’t persist for that long. The snow on the higher tops is still clearly visible across the country in the satellite image, as is the frontal system strewn across the south which is proving to be a real fly in the ointment down there as it has for the last few days.

Another moderate frost across much of Scotland and Northern Ireland overnight, the lowest minimum [18-06] at a low level station looks to have been the -6.7°C at Kinbrace in Sutherland. A the same time temperatures along the southeast coast of England didn’t fall much below 7°C.

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