ERA5 smashes record for warmest November

The ERA5 global mean temperature anomaly from Copernicus for November was +0.774°C above the 1981-2010 LTA. I don’t usually go in for euphemisms like smashed, but 2020 in all honesty did smash the previous November record of +0.642°C jointly held by 2016 and 2019 by a massive 0.132°C. Yes I know we are only talking just tenths of degrees here, but in the world of global temperatures were mean anomalies are measured in thousandths of degrees this is a very large value indeed.
Also If you look at the bar chart on the right you’ll notice that 2020 (+0.643°C) has just nudged 2016 (+0.632°C) out of the warmest year spot based on just eleven out of the twelve months of 2020. I had thought that with the start of a La Niña event in October this would help throttle back global temperatures, but obviously a cooler central Pacific just can’t stop the remorseless rise in global temperatures that’s happening. I now can’t see December 2020 being a cool enough month to prevent 2020 being declared warmest on record, at least in the ERA5 and GISTemp series, and all the ensuing hoo-ha that will mean.
On a side note, I can’t believe that the Met Office and the Climate Research Unit values for October 2020 in their CRUTEM4 series have still not been released. How come the Europeans can publish their global anomalies after a week but they can’t after two months?

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